Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Good Morning(ish)

   It seems I have been brought shudderingly into the future with all this internetty blogging malarky. They did it on Sherlock and that seemed like a hip show, so anything they can do I can make a half arsed attempt at. Here are some musically related conclusions I have made from the last two weeks:-
1. If a man offers to sell you a bass guitar that you have coverted for many years, but have never even been close to affording, for a gob-smackingly low price that you can afford, chiefly because he's "having a clearout," don't believe him. He is a liar and a thief and what he's really selling you is a shonky, Chinese made knock-off. Thankfully my head over-ruled my heart and spared me the world's most expensive egg on my face. Phew.
2. Holly's Later with Jools Holland related April fools japery has gone viral. From now on anyone who asks me when we are appearing on the show shall receive a fully comprehensive, detailed and encouraging lie, simply because that's what they want to hear. I may add that the lie shall only appear in verbal communication and therefore The Honest Music Blog remains valid. Honestly.
3. Teenage boys should not be allowed to touch musical equipment, as two things are guaranteed to happen - breakages and bad Nirvana covers. Not necessarily in that order, but you have been warned.

That's all for now folks, over and out.


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  1. What a coincidence - I'm on Jools Holland the following week: I'll be joining him on his piano stool to talk about my new song on the Yorcoustic CD.